Upgrade Electric Panel
May 2, 2017

Reasons your outlet could be humming

You’re sitting in your home and you hear a buzzing or humming noise. No, it’s not your kids, spouse or a bug but it could very well be your electrical outlet. There are a few important reasons why your outlet could be making noise.  You should have any type of humming or buzzing outlet checked out by a professional for your own safety.

Connections are loose

The main cause of a humming or buzzing sound coming from an outlet is loose wires within the connections. The wires that are inside of your outlet could become loose which causes them to vibrate and make a buzzing sound. This issue is more prevalent in older homes with outdated outlets. If you are living in a home that is at least 30 years old you should have a professional check the electrical system to make sure it is up to date. You should consider upgrading your electrical unit or at least certain well used outlets if you own an older home.

Temperature change

Due to changes in temperature sometimes electrical pieces and equipment can contract and expand. This can also lead to a loose connection. If your wires have become loose you need to call for service because this indicates a serious issue and you could end up with damage to your circuits or electrical failure.  Loose wires should not be dealt with on your own because you could get a shock or cause a fire.  This is a time to definitely call a professional.

Breaker issues

If you go out to your breaker panel you probably hear a low buzzing or humming which is normal. However, if the sound is loud or getting louder it could mean that the breaker is not functioning properly by putting out too few or too many amps. If you hear a loud buzzing sound you will need to have the breaker replaced.

Incorrect installation

Unfortunately some electricians do shoddy work and you could have an outlet that wasn’t installed correctly. If your outlet gets louder as you plug in more items you could have what is called reversed polarity due to incorrect installation. You will need to call a certified professional electrician for proper repair.

If you have buzzing outlets don’t just assume it’s normal. A humming outlet could indicate that you have a serious electrical problem. You should call the experts at On Time Electric to diagnose and repair all of the electrical issues in your home.