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June 28, 2016
Electrical Service Upgrades
August 19, 2016

Small Jobs for an Electrician

When it comes to hiring an electrician, you may be thinking large such as electrical panels, room wiring, and lighting installation.  However, you can also hire a professional electrician for small jobs as well.  Here are just a few of the small jobs you shouldn’t attempt when you can easily and affordably hire a professional.

Outlet change

Perhaps you have decided that your ivory colored outlets and covers are a thing of the past.  Your professional electrician can change those to crisp white outlets in no time.  If you have an older home and some of the outlets are only 2-prong any you need 3-prong, an electrician can quickly and safely change them out.

Moving an outlet

Home décor varies and also changes over time.  The location you had furniture or accessories years ago may not work with a new style.  Also, you may not have an outlet where you need one after moving things around.  A professional electrician will know exactly how to suit your current needs.

Dimmer Switch

If you have kitchen or dining room lighting, you most likely want at dimmer switch to be able to change the brightness depending on what purpose you are using the room for.  You could have an electrician install dimmer switches on any light switch you want and you will be able to create the ambiance you want whenever you want.

TV hanging

We all love the look of a TV hanging on the wall with the wires, cables and cords hidden. Did you know that your electrician will hang your tv for you and conceal all of the wires.  You could even have an outlet installed directly behind your newly hung television.

The next time you need a small job done, call your professional electrician and the job will be properly done in no time! On Time Electric provides service and repair throughout the Tampa Bay area. We are licensed in 4 counties for any job large or small!